I Am Only a Transmitter

Judge Joseph Fisch
July 1, 1990

Excerpt –

Rebbe: “…and go from strength to strength, that all your judgments will be only in a preventive manner – not to punish someone, but to prevent someone from doing something that is wrong.”

Mr. Fisch: “You know Rebbe that in my courtroom, G-d willing, the inspiration of Lubavitch will always be present.”

Rebbe: “That is the inspiration of G-d Almighty, I am only a transmitter – trying to transmit without any changes.”

Chabad Lubavitch Rebbe Rabbi Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson tells a judge that his rulings should be preventive, not to punish. it’s not my inspiration, is the inspiration of God Almighty, I am only a transmitter, without any changes, 770, Moshiach now, judicial justice, law