Energy Independence

The Lubavitcher Rebbe calls on the united states to become energy independent and not rely on sources of energy from hostile countries and dictatorships

America’s Mandate: Energy Independence – Part 1

11 Nissan, 5741 • April 15, 1981
“Evil will come from the north.” The Soviet Union is a clear manifestation of this prophecy. At the same time, G-d bestowed the United States with the mission and the moral and material might to counter this evil. To succeed, however, America must be free of economic pressure from immoral dictatorships. If we rely on them for oil, this nation’s strength and influence is compromised.

"G-d would never allow America to be manipulated by small hostile states simply because they have some natural resource. America need only leverage its ability to produce domestic oil, which, in truth, it does have in abundance.

"This is not in order to wield US strength, or increase US power. G-d placed these resources in this nation’s soil, only so that, ultimately, it will be able to spread Torah’s justice throughout the world."

America’s Mandate: Energy Independence – Part 2

11 Nissan, 5741 • April 15, 1981
"There is a solution to America’s energy crisis: Solar Energy. Solar technology requires far less time to develop than other energy sources.

"What can a small group of Jews accomplish by discussing this issue amongst themselves? Maimonides rules that even a single statement based on Torah, has the power to tip the scales for salvation. Past experiences have shown that issues discussed here, have reached Washington.

"When hostile nations can no longer use oil to manipulate US policy, America’s influence will increase, without having to use force. G-d has blessed this Nation of Kindness with plentiful sources of energy to accomplish a mission – to promote true goodness throughout the world."

Chabad Lubavitch Rebbe Rabbi Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson calls on USA to be energy independent and not bound, beholden by rouge dictators and regimes. Totalitarian, soviet, Arab oil, Drill for oil, coal, natural gas, develop ssolar energy, alternative energy, Black gold, green energy, independent, wind turbines, power factories with solar power abundance, global warming, climate change, 770, Moshiach now