Rebbe's Entire Existence - Torah

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine - 1921

Yona Kese grew up in Dnepropetrovsk at the same time the Lubavitcher Rebbe Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson was there. He was a writer, who later became a member in the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset.

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Here is an excerpt:

The house was an authentic Chassidic home. His father was a great Torah scholar, the rabbi of the city, and he carried great influence on a large circle of Jews. We mustn’t forget this is the time of the Bolshevists, with the beginning of religious persecution. And he carried with strength and pride - his responsibility a Rav.

“I was witness to Mendel's [the Rebbe] great diligence in Torah study. Whenever I found him - he never studied sitting down; always standing. I remember, as well, that already then, he was well-versed in physics and mathematics. I even remember, although he was Orthodox, that he would be visited by students, and even professors, to consult with him on problems of physics and mathematics. Apparently already then, [the Rebbe was] an incredible combination of knowledge; obviously, expert in Talmud, Jewish Law, Chassidic philosophy, and also in basic, secular knowledge.

“I remember him as a very modest person, totally hidden. And his entire existence, I remember, was Torah..."

Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe as a youth, his whole existence was torah study. Was consulted by students and professors in secular subjects. universityYkaterinoslav, Yekaterinoslav Shneorson -- הרבי מליובאוויטש חב"ד צעיר ב דנייפרופטרובסק ניקולאייב אוקראינה כל מציאותו הי' לימוד תורה, גם סטודנטים ופרופסורים נועדו איתו בקשר לפיסיקה ומטימטיקה, כל פעם שפגשתי אותו למד תורה בעמידה